Adnan Osman

ADNAN is a designer focused on design and Mograph, working out of his little studio in the heart of Syria.

Hello there! I’m Adnan or AD as I want to called. I’ve 5 years on design, and 23 years on this earth 😉 I studied Urban Architecture in University of Aleppo and worked in many fields like Photographic & Networks Administration but never worked as a designer, cause I believe that Art is a life style. Just look around; we use art and graphics in whole sides of our life.

I enjoy two actions in this life: Designing & Music listening
I enjoy working on Adobe Products: After Effects, Illustrator, Premier and actually Photoshop.

I carry a strong passion for new technologies, code standards, doing things right and intuitive user experiences. I feel these are very important aspects to any developer and bring them to each and every project I work on without exceptions.